Create two-way conversation for startups and investors

STARTUP101 is a fundraising matchmaking platform that reduces information asymmetries and enables startups and investors to enjoy a transparent information system. STARTUP101 not only allows startups to better understand investor profiles, but also allows investors to quickly and accurately identify potential investment targets. STARTUP101 makes the startup ecosystem more dynamic, accelerates the flow of capital, and creates a win-win situation for both fundraisers and investors.

An Essential Tool for Fundraising

In terms of fundraising needs and business development, startups need more promotion chances to gain attention from investors and the community. Through STARTUP101, startups can take the initiative to directly present themselves to investors, and open up new fundraising opportunities. The platform brings together various industries, talent, and business information, allowing startups to find potential industry collaboration opportunities. Through STARTUP101, startups can find professional investors and accelerate their business development process, so that they can develop their business more efficiently.
Increase Brand Exposure
Find Professional Investors
Proactive Chat with Investor
Prepare for Next Round of Fundraising
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Investors Can Find Investment Targets Easily

STARTUP101 offers unique info for investors such as innovative technology, business model, and market size of startups. Investors can get a better understanding of startup's strengths and operation models as well as startup trends. We hope to build a new model of matchmaking, venture capital ecosystem and help investors to find potential startups in preferred industries or topics more convenient.

Massive Startups Investments from Different Industries
Find Startup Investments Efficiently
Diversified Early-Stage Startups
Reduct Communication Costs
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Premium 101 Value-Add Services

Our team also assists startups in applying for government subsidies, providing resource planning services, including guidance on financial and operational budget modeling, fundraising planning, business plan, internet marketing, and other related business planning projects.