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investor Pozo Weng profile image

Pozo Weng

Angel Investor

  • Over 20 years experience in sales & engineer and strategic investment in tech sectors, including semiconductor back-end service, SW integration service, IC design house, global component distributor and semiconductor equipment service, also participated in three start-ups

  • Board member of 2 private companies in tech and bio sectors

  • MS, National Chiao-Tung University

investor Ziv Yang profile image

Ziv Yang

Angel Investor

關注產業:Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Software Development

Hello! This is Ziv

investor Jerry Wang profile image

Jerry Wang

Angel Investor

investor Grand Venture Capital profile image

Grand Venture Capital

Angel Investor

關注產業:IoT, Internet Innovation, Cloud Application, Travel, 無特定偏好產業, Smart Life, Technology, Agriculture, Service, Film and Television

Equipped with various professional domain knowledge and experience to cooperate and grow up with startup company

Technology / Marketing / Management / Business Development / Finance domain knowledge and experience

investor 瑞典商若光科技有限公司 profile image


Angel Investor

investor Geoffrey profile image


Angel Investor

關注產業:Ecommerce, IoT, Cloud Application, Travel, Smart Life, Software Development, Healthcare, Technology, Blockchain, Energy

startup entrepreneurship experience can assist in venture capital / angel investment

management experience in semiconductor / communications / networking / ODM / system integration industries

account sales / technical marketing and engineering in Hi-Tech companies
US EU TW based work experience including Business Management / Business Development / Financial Management / Financial Analysis / Technical Marketing / Engineering

investor 汪建均 Lex Wang profile image

汪建均 Lex Wang

Angel Investor

關注產業:Healthcare, Technology, Internet Innovation, Commercial applications, Blockchain, Gaming, Education

Founded ccdm to provide services to enterprises and, driven by interest, established NewSpace Lab.

In 2022, joined Headwater Capital as an Executive Partner and collaborated with Cornerstone Asset Holdings, located in Silicon Valley, USA, on campus innovation projects in Taiwan and the United States.

In recent years, served as a corporate lecturer at National Cheng Kung University and Taipei Medical University.

The investment stage mainly focuses on seed and angel rounds, with several investments in digital medical startups, and has a particular interest in enterprises that challenge complex markets and demands.

investor 戴元豪 profile image


Angel Investor

關注產業:Culture & Creative, Agriculture, Ecommerce, Energy

Private South Asia School of Mechanical Engineering

He used to be the store manager of Ananda Food Shop, the business manager of Moks”a Studio, and the CEO of Yaten Food Co., Ltd. He has more than 20 years of venture capital experience.

Possess professional experience in enterprise operation management, business development, project management, etc.

investor Matt C.F. Feng profile image

Matt C.F. Feng

Angel Investor

關注產業:Agriculture, Healthcare, Smart Life

Matt Feng is an eligible international adviser candidate of EBRD’s Advice for Small Businesses Program, a qualified and selected advisor and industry mentor in incubation and accelerator programs sponsored by Taiwanese Government and private sectors. Being a founder of an intellectual property-related service consulting firm and as an angel investor to startups are some other chapters of his career. Matt earned his bachelor's degree and master's degree in agricultural chemistry from National Taiwan University and his MBA degree in intellectual property from National Chengchi University. Matt started his PhD program in the Department of Bio-Industry Communication and Development of National Taiwan University in 2017.

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investor 林珊羽 profile image


Angel Investor


Tracy Lin

10 year's experience in VC

investor 呂緗柔 profile image


Angel Investor

關注產業:數位行銷廣告, 文創, 電商
Cami Lu, Operating Partner of Sunsino Venture Group and the CEO of startup fundraising platform Startup101新創募資媒合平台. She is elected as the startup consultant of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, FINDIT and Taiwan Creative Content Agency(TAICCA). Also she serves as a reviewer of Academy for Women Entrepreneurs(AWE), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and X-PITCH 2021 etc. Previously serving as ASUS JAPAN Country Product Manager, Viagogo Inc Regional Manager, Ultra Music Festival Business Director, FestGround Pte Ltd General Manager. Cami earned her Bachelor Degree in Economics from the National Taiwan University, Master Degree of Finance from Waseda University and Graduate Program of Law school from Tokyo University.
investor Jasper profile image


Angel Investor

Master of Chemistry, National Taiwan University
I served in the display industry quality management and customer service, senior
Im good at enterprise operation management, smart manufacturing project, production line
and supply chain management and client management 
investor 羅元宏 profile image


Angel Investor

關注產業:IoT, Technology

I hold Master degree in Material Science and Engineering, NTHU

Currently serving in a metal processing company as chairman

Looking for innovations that can enable synergistic value for both parties.

investor 謝佳芸 profile image


Angel Investor


Chia-Yun Hsieh

Currently undertaking online courses regarding iOS & Swift, Python, C. Leetcode: ivy_ives_hsieh

Graduated from International College of Hotel Management, Australia. Ran I-PASS program as I-PASS Leader.