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NT$ Free
  • Uploading the Startup Profile on STARTUP101, where investors can have unlimited access to basic startup infomation.
  • Access a compilation of various Startup News on STARTUP101 (Including investment trends, government subsidies, market dynamics, policy updates.)


NT$ 12,000 / 90 days
  • Receive one-time Startup Profile suggestion within 7 days.
  • Feature the Startup Profile on STARTUP101 homepage, allowing investors with instant access at a glance.
  • Proactively submit your Business Plan to 3 investors every 30 days.
  • Unlimited access to the Online Fundraising Courses (Consists of 21 chapters within 6 major episodes)
  • Priority registration for participation in startup seminars or networking sessions.


NT$ TBD / 90 days
  • Feel free to leave your information; our incubation managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Terms and Conditions of Membership:
Promotion on Front Page
  • Paid members will be featured on the front page throughout the membership period (90 days after payment). Startup members are not entitled to designate the promotion order, as it is arranged and sorted based on random numbers technically.
Communicate with Investors
  • There is a 90-day membership period each time, divided into a 30-day cycle. It is not allowed to carry over any unused allocations of 'Self Recommendation' from one cycle to the next.
  • The allocations of 'Self Recommendation' that a startup has paid for will not be affected or deducted when the startup responds to a conversation initially unlocked by an investor.
Advice on the business plan
  • Paid members will receive advice for your business plan (information you fill in on the platform) via email. Therefore, please ensure that you can successfully receive emails from Advice emails will not be resent if you fail to receive any of them due to technical issues.
  • Feel free to email at or call 886-2-7718-6088 at any time if there are any further questions.
Online Course
  • During the membership period (within 90 days), members can enjoy unlimited access to the online courses provided by STARTUP101.
  • STARTUP101 retains ownership of all rights, title, and interests in STARTUP101 and all content posted on STARTUP101 (“Website Content”), including all copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. Any rights not expressly granted are reserved for exercise by STARTUP101. The materials and compositions of the Website Content, including but not limited to files, courses, various images, reports, course descriptions, instructor introductions, and FAQs, are the intellectual property of STARTUP101. Your use of the materials and compositions in the Website Content is subject to the terms of this agreement.
  • The design and layout of STARTUP101 are protected by copyright, design rights, trademarks, fair trade laws, and other laws and may not be partially or entirely reproduced or imitated. Without explicit authorization from STARTUP101, reproduction or dissemination of STARTUP101's trademarks, designs, sounds, or images is strictly prohibited.
  • Platform users understand and agree that the software used by this service and the STARTUP101 platform (“Software”) contains confidential information protected by relevant intellectual property and other laws of the Republic of China. This also applies to the content contained in sponsored advertisements or information presented through this service or advertisers. Therefore, without express authorization from the company or advertisers, platform users may not modify, reproduce, copy, steal, rent, lend, sell, or distribute any part or all of the software, create derivative works, or use modified software, including but not limited to purposes not authorized for use on the STARTUP101 platform.
  • The company grants platform users a personal, non-transferable, and non-exclusive license to use the software, only through the interface provided by the STARTUP101 platform (including the website and app). Platform users may not (and may not allow any third party to) copy, modify, create derivative works, reverse engineer, decode, or otherwise discover the source code, or sell, transfer, re-license, or provide software configuration guarantees, or otherwise transfer any rights to the software.
  • Purchasers of membership plans can read and watch their purchased plans on the STARTUP101 platform an unlimited number of times during the service period. However, this is subject to events beyond the company’s control that may lead to the removal of the plan from the STARTUP101 platform, which is not within this limitation.