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Company Registration Status
Already set up (2018-01-01)
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Company Size
1-10 employees
Share capital
Fundraising Amount
$3億 TWD (≈$9.2M USD)
Company Introduction

DJ Bikes started as a dream of Daniel and his wife Jolin (the D and J of “DJ”) in Calgary, Canada.

They loved the outdoors, Daniel was a “weekend warrior” on the basketball court, and both were active hikers and daily commuters using public transportation. When Daniel had the chance to ride an electric bike he immediately caught the vision: e-bikes are the future of commuting and recreational cycling, and everyone – regardless of age and ability – can benefit from and enjoy riding electric bikes.

Little did he know that vision would change the trajectory of their lives, and in short time significantly impact the electric bike world.

In 2017, Daniel quit his full-time job, and he and Jolin took their love of sports and the outdoors, and 15 years of technical consulting and design experience, to create their own brand, DJ Bikes.