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Bytelingo Co., Ltd.

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Already set up (2022-06-24)
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11-30 employees
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$900萬 TWD (≈$277K USD)
Company Introduction

ByteLingo leverages generative AI technology combined with customer data to create a corporate-specific multilingual knowledge management platform. With its proprietary algorithms, the ByteLingo system can effectively call up information relevant to the current task, provide it to the AI, and obtain accurate and usable results. This achieves the effect of saving on AI usage costs and improving output quality. ByteLingo has already assisted more than 30 listed companies across various sectors in Taiwan to produce their English financial statements, annual reports, and sustainability reports in compliance with the Financial Supervisory Commission's financial disclosure regulations. ByteLingo has formed strategic partnerships with ASUS, 104 Job Bank, Knovia Group, and PwC.

In recent years, the regulations imposed by the Financial Supervisory Commission on English reporting for public companies in Taiwan have posed a significant challenge for our clients. Not only must financial statements and annual reports be translated into English, but sustainability reports must also align with international standards, enabling overseas supply chain partners to fully understand the efforts made by the enterprises in promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. ByteLingo has tuned the output of generative AI to align closely with the accounting terms and the common translation practices of international sustainability standards in Taiwan. This fine-tuning allows generative AI technology to overcome the hurdle in localization for Taiwan and integrate itself into the professional foreign language report production process of listed enterprises.

Through thousands of underlying database rules on our platform, covering translations of accounting terms, international sustainability standards, and past translation data from leading companies across major industries, enterprises can operate the platform to quickly produce foreign language reports like those translated by professional auditors. Not only is the tone and terminology consistent with the quality of reports produced by the Big 4 accounting firms, but it also avoids common English grammar errors that could occur with manual translation.

Most importantly, our "ByteLingo Multilingual Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform" significantly reduces the time required for translation and increases accuracy by more than 70% compared to using the plain ChatGPT model available on the market, making the AI translation of corporate reports no longer a fairy tale.

ByteLingo is also expanding the platform's applications to include translation of product catalogs, internationalization of corporate promotional videos, and communication for multinational corporations. In the future, we can extend these proven customer service applications to other current public company clients of ours and even replicate our successful model in Taiwan to enter markets in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and beyond.